We know a thing or two about how to make a space feel peaceful and inspiring. Our process is built on years of research and hands-on experience.  We get to work understanding your goals, your workflows and your blind-spots, while concurrently redesigning your space within an environmentally-mindful footprint.  Working with the existing architecture of your space, we reimagine the programming and visually highlight the most desirable features.


THE book

Reading our book is a great way to start your journey towards a more mindful, clutter-free lifestyle. Learn all about the the New Minimalism philosophy of decluttering, uncover your Decluttering Archetype, and adopt our 12 Design Principles. Our second book, a Guided Journal, will be hitting stands in Spring 2020.

“This book promises an opportunity for self-reflection and lasting change, by getting to the bottom of why we've accumulated too much stuff in the first place.”

 FOR: Laying the foundation of the New Minimalism philosophy. Clients who read the book prior to working together receive the deepest results!


  • Guidance on how to Find Your Why and tap into your source of inspiration

  • Questions to uncover your Decluttering Archetype, providing awareness to your clutter blindspots and buying habits

  • Detailed instructions on how to execute the New Minimalism decluttering process

  • The 12 Design Principles to make your home functional and beautiful


Declutter Consultation

The Declutter Consultation is offered online — so it’s available worldwide! This service is ideal for those who want to execute the hands-on work, but need that professional eye to prioritize their to-do list and see the potential in their space.  Through our on-boarding we get to know you and your space all before we start our call. From our 45-min phone call, we focus on your biggest problem area, and create a step-by-step game plan to optimally tackle your specific decluttering project.

 FOR: The self-starters who desire a structured Action Plan from which to execute. You get all the expert advice and custom tips catered to your unique needs.


  • Access to the New Minimalism Classroom with self-evaluation tools

  • 45-minute meeting (via phone)

  • Custom Action Plan, including habit shifts and design recommendations (ranging from the micro, like what size shelf divider you need, to the macro, like what type of couch works best in your space)


Declutter Session

Less talking, more doing, our in-person Decluttering Sessions tackle your problem areas, head-on. Category by category, two New Minimalism experts work closely with you to declutter and redesign your home. We ask a million questions, come to understand your hopes and dreams, and then work swiftly to make those dreams a reality, all while using the items you already own and love. This is the service we built our reputation on and will leave your space feeling light and refreshed. Available to travel.

FOR: Those who are feeling overwhelmed and ready to call in the experts for some hands-on decluttering action.


  • With every session we haul away one (1) carload of donate-able goods to our donation partners!

  • Focused, hands-on decluttering session facilitated by two (2) New Minimalism declutter experts

  • Custom “Session Recap” includes to-do list, habit shifts and design recommendations!

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There really is no dollar amount that I could put on the service. I have worked with New Minimalism several times and each time, I feel incredibly organized, completely satisfied with my living space, best of all light as a feather.
— Britt
There aren’t enough words to describe how life changing a session with New Minimalism is. They undid the tornado of stuff that’s been stifling me and my husband’s lives. My transformation was in part because of my willingness to get rid of A LOT of stuff, including things I genuinely loved. Is it worth it? Hands down, yes. Trust their expertise and watch your world completely change.
— Erin

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already a minimalist?

Have you done the deep-dive decluttering and streamlined your belongings, but still need to visually tie it all together?

We offer hourly design services!

We have a knack for leveraging the easy design changes that have the biggest impact. If you are looking for a full kitchen remodel, you are in the wrong place. But if you like the design you see here, want to up-level your space and can’t figure out how, we are your gals. Submit your information in the form

My husband said it was the best money we’ve ever spent.
— Kathleen S.