We create inspiring spaces that are free of distractions in order to support your highest priorities and reflect your values.  Our decluttering and design principles are built on years of research and experience.  We get to work understanding your goals, your workflows and your blind-spots, while concurrently redesigning your space within an environmentally-mindful footprint.  Working with the existing architecture of your space, we reimagine the programming, create new (realistic) systems and visually highlight the most desirable features.

But, you don’t have to take it from us. Just see what our clients are saying on YELP.

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Residential Consultation

The Residential Consultation is a virtual offering — so it’s available worldwide! This service is ideal for those who want to execute the hands-on work, but desire a professional eye to prioritize the to-do list and see the potential in their space.  By completing our self-evaluation ahead of time, we get to know you and your space before we start our call. From our 45-min meeting, we focus on your biggest problem area, and create a customized game plan to outline step-by-step how to optimally tackle your specific decluttering project.

 FOR: The self-starters who desire a structured Action Plan from which to execute. You get all the expert advice and custom tips catered to your unique needs.


  • Access to the New Minimalism Classroom with self-evaluation tools

  • 45-minute meeting (via phone)

  • Custom Action Plan, including habit shifts and design recommendations (ranging from the micro, like what size shelf divider you need, to the macro, like what type of couch works in this space)

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Residential Decluttering

Our Residential Decluttering Sessions tackle your problem areas, head-on. Category by category, two New Minimalism experts work closely with you to declutter and re-design your home. We ask a million questions, come to understand your hopes and dreams, and then work swiftly to make those dreams a reality, all while using the items you already own and love. This is the service we built our reputation on and will leave your space feeling light and refreshed. Available to travel.

FOR: Those who are feeling overwhelmed and ready to call in the experts. Our process leaves your formerly tired space refreshed and feeling brand new.


  • Focused, 4-hr decluttering sessions with a New Minimalism expert

  • With every session we haul away one carload of donate-able goods to our donation partners

  • Session Recap including habit shifts and design recommendations (from the micro, like what size shelf divider you need, to the macro, like what size and style of couch works in this space)

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Workplace environment

Our Workplace Environment Consultation services analyze the ecosystem that makes up the workplace. We understand the design principles that contribute to a beautiful workplace and promote employee productivity. Working closely with the office manager, we are the fresh-eyes required to craft solutions that will be impactful yet cost-effective and straightforward. Past corporate clients include Sunset Magazine, Fidelity Investments and Zendesk.

 FOR: The company that has recently undergone a space transition (or are preparing to) and now need help creating systems to maintain order and determine best-practices.


  • While each Workplace Environment Project is determined according to your organization’s goals, each includes:

  • Discovery Phase

  • Define Phase

  • Idea Phase

  • Implement Phase

  • Your company receives a prioritized Action Plan with detailed steps to complete the office refresh



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