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At New Minimalism we declutter homes and workplaces to create spaces that inspire, are free of distractions and support your highest priorities. We work with the existing architecture of your space, to reimagine the furniture programming to highlight the most beautiful aspects of your space.

We are motivated by our love of the planet and everything we do is with an environmentally-mindful footprint.

Available in-person and online!

NM Co-founders


Co-Founded by Cary Fortin and Kyle Quilici. When Cary started a blog called New Minimalism back in 2011, she had no idea it would evolve into a full-fledged business! In 2012, Cary and Kyle met on a yoga retreat and discovered their shared passion for simple living. In 2013 they got to work creating the New Minimalism decluttering process and have since taught hundreds of clients how to declutter for good.


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We wrote a book!

We were over-the-moon honored to write a book for Sasquatch / Penguin-Random House (2018). And we are super excited have a second book, a Guided Journal coming out Spring 2020! Click here to read more about our first book.

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