Our decluttering and design principles are built on years of research and training.  We've brought together the fields of psychology and interior design to create holistic, long-term solutions for clients looking to simplify and rejuvenate their homes and workspaces.

We address your clutter in a holistic way.  From the inside-out; we ask how do your emotions, attachments, habits and histories impact your space?  After gathering this knowledge from each client, we effectively guide your decision-making throughout the decluttering process. 

From the outside-in, we focus on how your space and the objects you surround yourself with affect your experience.  We creatively redesign your decor and work with the existing architecture of your space to highlight your favorite items.

The result: a space that is free from distractions while emphasizing the most important parts of your life and supporting your greater life's vision. 

From the beginning, community and sustainability have been crucial components to our work.  Since our first client, we have donated 100% of all usable goods to our local Donation Partners (see more below). 

More about Cary: hailing from northern Chicago, Cary graduated with Honors from Dartmouth College where she studied Psychology and Art History and was also the captain of the swim team.  Her greatest passions include: reading in bed, hiking and camping with her husband, Cam, and video chatting with her niece and nephews.  In September 2016, Cary and her husband Cam relocated to Boise, ID to pursue a life immersed in the outdoors, while being closer to extended family.  For New Minimalism, she specializes in the psychology behind decision-making and attachments, and manages all remote client consultations. 

More about Kyle: a Bay Area native, Kyle graduated from Boston College with a degree in Organizational Behavior, studied Interior Design at Parsons School of Design in New York and earned her certificate in Sustainable Design from UC Berkeley's Extension.  Her greatest passions include: practicing yoga, biking the city (even the hilly parts), making smoothies and petting horses.  For New Minimalism, she manages all the in-person decluttering sessions.  She specializes in creating beautiful spaces using the items our clients already own and love.

Bonus: You can learn even more about how we got started from this interview with Ana Homayoun.

Donation Partners

By diverting nearly 90% of our clients' unwanted items from the landfill to the organizations below, we breathe new life into unwanted objects and give support to those who need it most.  



Since 2011, our partners have received over 10,000 cubic feet of donated clothing, furniture, electronics, books, and household goods.  That means 75,000 gallons worth of items are in the hands of those who need them instead of in the trash.  And guess what, 75,000 gallons is the equivalent of 500 medium sized-refrigerators.