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business coaching classroom!

You're here because you're a passionate self-starter, committed to creating a business that is fulfilling, financially stable, impeccably professional, and deeply inspiring. At its heart, these readings are meant to inspire you to more easily complete the Self-Assessment. Complete all three (3) tasks to get you on track for a kick-ass Business Coaching Session!

1. Reserve your date: 

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2. Read these articles: 

Carefully read these articles.  Perhaps make a cup of tea and cuddle up for a quiet hour.  If these concepts are new to you, we recommend that you give each article space and time to sink in before moving on to the next.

3. Complete the SELF-ASSESSMENT

Like all journeys in life, you must first establish where you are in order to know where you are going.  Allow approximately 20 minutes to complete the assessment.  Once we receive your self assessment results, we will know that you have concluded your New Minimalism Coaching curriculum!

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Broader topics, but as you know - it's all related!


*At New Minimalism we physically own about 25% of these books -- yes, even though they are our favorites!  When we want to revisit certain passages, we simply visit our local public library.  We recommend that you do the same.

For the voracious readers, autodidacts, and naturally curious, we've compiled a list of our favorite websites and books relating to minimalism.  These are the writers who helped shape the New Minimalism philosophy and continue to inspire us today.  Some books directly relate to clutter-clearing, while others elucidate the connections between our desires and how inherently that relates to simple, intentional living.