BTR: Duboce Park Entrepreneur's Bike in the Bedroom

Room:  Bedroom

Hours to Complete:  6.5

Main Objective:  Removing items unrelated to the bedroom and creating a peaceful place to rest and start your day.

The Details:  We were thrilled to work with a brilliant entrepreneur throughout his charming Duboce Park one bedroom apartment.  Today we showcase the first of his three redesigned rooms: the bedroom.  

Our client, who we will refer to as C, was very ready to take control of his belongings. His motivation for working with us was threefold.  

  • An entrepreneur who frequently works from home, having a harmonious and organized space was of the utmost importance.
  • As a frequent traveler it was also crucial for him to be able to pack up and head out for a variety of international destinations with ease.
  • And finally, while traveling, C oftens offsets his expenses by renting out his apartment on Airbnb. Clutter free rooms with an elevated design sense not only garner higher rents but also make the transition between C and his guests seamless.

Before: Due to a cluttered living room, C was forced to store his bikes in his bedroom, blocking his only source of natural light and creating a feeling of chaos upon entering his bedroom.

After:  The subtly lit bedroom feels exponentially more restful and serene after removing the bikes and their racks.

In the bedroom we dealt with several distinct design or clutter challenges.  First, the long, narrow bedroom seemed to leave no choice but to crowd the bed in the back corner. Secondly, many items were stored here that did not deserve precious bedroom real estate (ahem, bikes). Finally, C possessed a dearth of personal photos and clothing that cluttered up free surfaces and led to a chaotic feeling in his room.

Redesign Tip: In dealing with a long, narrow bedroom try removing your closet door from the hinges. This can add several precious square feet of useful space which was previously dedicated to door clearance. 

After removing C's closet door we replaced it with an internal curtain which allowed us to move the bed to the center of the room. A centered bed allows for access on each side of the bed and adding much needed symmetry to the space. 

We were able to create space to relocate the bikes to a more appropriate spot in the apartment (his large living room closet). Without the bikes plentiful natural light was able to enter the small the space, making it feel even larger.

Before:  The corner of the bedroom is overwhelmed by visual clutter on the dresser surface and haphazard bookshelf.

After:  In going through his books, C was able to reduce his library by 60%.  This meant the remaining books could live in the living room, leaving the bedroom corner light and airy.

We downsized C’s wardrobe and easily fit the remaining items in the closet and dresser. We also cleared out much of the clutter in his bedside table, giving him the option to select two smaller tables which would add to the symmetry and maturity of the room.

Decluttering Tip:  When reviewing your wardrobe don't ask questions like "Do I like this?" or "Would I ever where this?"  Broad questions such as these are almost always yeses -- and yet these criteria don't mean a garment will be worn or deserves space in your closet.  Instead imagine you are packing for a month-long vacation: notice which items are your very favorite, which are great multi-taskers, which garments you feel absolutely amazing it -- then eliminate the rest.

Finally, C's family is of the greatest importance to him.  Throughout his apartment were images of him with his nieces and nephews, siblings, and oldest friends. We consolidated most of the family photos to this room where the ambiance is more intimate and personal, rather than display them in the living room. 

Before:  The bed is pushed to the corner to make room for the wide swing of the closet door.

After: With the closet door removed, the bed can now be centered on the wall, creating a comfortable sleeping experience for C and his girlfriend.