small house

I Live in Wait... How Many Square Feet?

Hello dearest New Minimalism Readers!  

Kyle, Redesign Specialist here to introduce the newest series on the NM blog, 340-Squared in which I will share my insights from life in the one-room studio I now call home.  

Prior to this apartment, I had been living in a magical situation in a friend’s storefront-turned-living-space near Alamo Square.  It was raw, creative, and we had the freedom to experiment with décor (How about a giant pink geometric mural? Hell yes!).  Having lived there for over two years, the space saw its fair share of events and parties, and even played host to one beautiful wedding. But eventually the master tenant, and my dear friend, decided he wanted to live alone. 

While the housing market in San Francisco is moderately insane at the moment, finding a new home could not have come at a better time for me personally.  I loved my unique space, fun roommates and absurdly affordable rent, but my partnership with Cary and New Minimalism was just gaining traction and I longed for a sanctuary to gather my thoughts.  Additionally, having a near obsession with clutter-free spaces and clean floors, living alone would allow me to truly practice what I preach at New Minimalism.  In some ways, this was basically an investment in my career.