DECLUTTER + design for sustainable, Intentional Living

Our decluttering and design principles are built on years of research and training.  We've brought together the fields of psychology and interior design to create holistic, long-term solutions for clients looking to simplify and rejuvenate their homes and workspaces.

We address your clutter in a holistic way.  From the inside-out; we ask how do your emotions, attachments, habits and histories impact your space?  After gathering this knowledge from each client, we effectively guide your decision-making throughout the decluttering process. From the outside-in, we focus on how your space and the objects you surround yourself with affect your experience.  We creatively redesign your decor and work with the existing architecture of your space to highlight your favorite items.

The result: A space that is free from distractions while emphasizing the most important parts of your life and supporting your greater life's vision. From the beginning, community and sustainability have been crucial components to our work.  Since our first client, we have donated 100% of all usable goods to our local Donation Partners. 

Co-Founders, Cary and Kyle




We were over-the-moon honored to write a book for Sasquatch / Penguin-Random House (2018). And we are super excited have a second book, a Guided Journal coming out January 6, 2020! Click here to read more about our first book.