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At first I hired them to help me with my living room, and was so incredibly impressed (seriously, my mom came over and was like, ‘Did you get new furniture? The place looks amazing.’) that they have since worked with me on my bedroom, front closet, and kitchen. Each time, I am left happier and happier with my apartment.
— Ana H.

What People Are Saying:

Cary & Kyle were amazing. They not only helped to redesign the space to fit how I intended to use it, they made it safe to get rid of the stuff I no longer needed. And I must have given away 60% of the things in the garage (without ever feeling pressured) that now feels like a giant relief.
— Jeff Riddle
The result of their process: a living room that I am excited to live in, a haven where I can do work or clear my head, and a room that highlights things that are important to me.

Kyle and Cary exceeded my high expectations, and I can’t thank them enough!
— Gregory Pelz
Being a working mom of two little kids, stacks of paper and odds and ends very quickly pile up in my house. They are a nagging reminder of what I have not gotten around to and have yet to deal with.

New Minimalism changed all of that for me. With a tender heart and a wise mind, Cary + Kyle were able to accomplish in an hour what I have not been able to accomplish in a year.
— Suzannah Scully
Working with the New Minimalistas is a combination of home organization, therapy, and interior design.

I feel more productive and am enjoying entertaining even more. I’m ready for my next session guys!
— Meg Whitney
I’ve become a “New Minimalist.” This company comes in and helps you purges your belongings.

But it’s also more than that - they ‘design’ your life through painful yet gratifying simplification. And gratifying it was! They have given me more than space in my room - they have created space in my life and my head.

In tech terms: My backend code was refactored.
— Kristen Berman
I highly recommend New Minimalism! I can’t say enough good things about NM and their gentle approach to helping others create physical and emotional space in their cluttered lives.

No matter how fully you want to embrace minimalism - whether you just want to organize one closet or you want to completely overhaul your life and home - NM is an excellent resource to help you. Thank you, NM!
— Elizabeth Mao