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At New Minimalism we create spaces that inspire, are free of distractions and support your highest priorities.

the New Minimalism Journal

coming January 6, 2020!

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THE founders

Co-Founders, Cary and Kyle

When Cary started a blog titled “New Minimalism” back in 2011, she had no idea it would evolve into what it is today. It was while carpooling to a yoga retreat that Cary and Kyle were introduced and subsequently geeked-out on their shared passion for sustainability and simple living. After a few more coffee dates, they decided to teach others how they, too could attain this glorious lifestyle. They got to work creating the New Minimalism Decluttering Process to have a tangible result from their work and documented it on the NM blog along the way.

Fast forward to today, and they have since taught hundreds of clients how to declutter and simplify for good. They published their first book with Penguin Random House in 2018, and have a Guided Journal coming next (available Jan 6, 2020!). Kyle lives in San Francisco, CA where New Minimalism was founded, and Cary and her family now reside in beautiful Boise, ID.

They offer online consultations and are also available for select speaking events!



The decluttering craze meets a passion for sustainable living and interior design in this gorgeous new book, published by Sasquatch Books (Seattle, WA) and distributed by Penguin Random House (NYC).

This book promises an opportunity for self-reflection and lasting change, by getting to the bottom of why we've accumulated too much stuff in the first place, therefore allowing us to transform our lives.

Professional decluttering and design team Cary and Kyle of New Minimalism will take you through every step, from assessing your emotional relationship to your stuff to decluttering your home to then turning it into a beautifully designed space that feels clean and tidy without feeling sparse or prescriptive. And all of this without filling up a landfill. You'll find resources and strategies to donate and reuse your stuff so you don't have to feel guilty about getting rid of it!


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