Beyond our book, we offer online consultations, and are available for speaking events! 


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“This book promises an opportunity for self-reflection and lasting change, by getting to the bottom of why we've accumulated too much stuff in the first place.” -Sunset Mag

Reading our book is a great way to start your journey towards a more mindful, clutter-free lifestyle. Learn all about the the New Minimalism philosophy of decluttering, uncover your Decluttering Archetype, and adopt our 12 Design Principles. Look for our second book, The New Minimalism Journal on January 6, 2020.

FOR: Laying the foundation of the NM philosophy. Clients who read the book prior to in-home work receive the best results!


  • Guidance on how to Find Your Why and tap into your source of inspiration

  • Questions to uncover your Decluttering Archetype, providing awareness to your clutter blindspots and buying habits

  • Detailed instructions on how to execute the New Minimalism decluttering process

  • The 12 Design Principles to make your home functional and beautiful


book an online Consultation

The Declutter / Design Consultation is offered remotely — so it’s available worldwide! This service is ideal for those who want to execute the hands-on decluttering work, but need a professional eye to prioritize their to-do list and harness the potential of their space.  Through our client on-boarding we get to know you and your space before our call. From our 45-min phone call, we focus on your biggest problem area, and create a step-by-step game plan to optimally tackle your specific decluttering/design project.

FOR: The self-starters who desire an expertly-crafted, structured Action Plan from which to execute.


  • Access to the New Minimalism Classroom with self-evaluation tools

  • 45-minute session, via phone call

  • Custom Action Plan, including habit shifts and design recommendations (ranging from the micro, like what size shelf divider you need, to the macro, like what type of couch works best in your space)


hire us for your next Event

We’ve hosted various workshops and presentations for organizations seeking to impart minimalist wisdom to their employees, followers and community at-large. Whether you need an interactive workshop, or simply a presentation delivered on the lifestyle and philosophy of New Minimalism, we love teaching what we’ve learned over our years of working with hundreds of clients. Kyle resides between San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA and Cary operates out of Boise, ID. While we love speaking on our own, we are even better together … just sayin’.

FOR: Those companies and organizations that need an inspiring discussion to jumpstart a decluttering effort, or just want to teach their about this healthy lifestyle called “minimalism”.


  • On-site, Kyle and/or Cary deliver their dynamic presentation. Guaranteed to stimulate a lot of conversation!

  • Available in 2 formats: interactive workshop, or presentation

  • Can add one-on-one coaching for specific groups or teams

  • Action Plan PDF summarizing the findings with recommended solutions

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