Let's Do This

Want to know what makes us so crazy efficient?  

Preparation, preparation, preparation.  

We don't just start working when we arrive at your home.  

We review your information, study your space, and plan how to best execute far in advance of your session.  

Below are the 4 Steps required of all new clients.



A lot of the work during a decluttering session has to do with the psychological, emotional side of clutter.  Why do you have it and why do you continue to hold on to things when you logically know that you don't "need" them?  These required readings will help you sink into the mindset to support a successful decluttering session:

NEW MINIMALISM - Decluttering and Design for Sustainable, Intentional Living. Our book! It’s a quick read, but if you “ain’t got time for that”, then at least read the following articles:


Download and review Service Agreement.  Check the "I agree" box in the Client Intake Form (Step 3) to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms.


3. client Intake Form


4. Deposit - secure your date

Basic Projects start at $3,500. They include one (1) Introductory Session, three (3) Decluttering Sessions, and one (1) Closing Session. Decluttering Sessions can be added to any Basic Project at $800 per session.

To schedule your Introductory Session, we require a $500 Basic Project deposit.  The deposit will be subtracted from the total owed upon completion of your project. Click the “Pay Now” button to submit your deposit via PayPal.

Date Desired - Intro. Session:


Thank you for choosing New Minimalism.

We look forward to working together!